How Proper Storage Protects Your Garage and the Items in it from the Excessive Summer Heat

5/15/24, 9:54 PM

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It’s tempting to use the extra space in your garage for storage, but garages that are not climate-controlled can reach temperatures in excess of 100 degrees at the height of summer. Items that are not properly stored can be damaged and cause damage to your garage surfaces because of the high heat and humidity that can occur in the summer months.
Before you begin your garage organization project, be sure to check the space for any cracks and openings where hot air and rain can get in. You will want to properly seal them to avoid any potential damage to your garage.

Here are some more tips on how to protect commonly stored items and your garage space from the summer heat.


When storing your car, it’s important to keep the exterior of your car clean from anything that could melt inside the garage or drip onto the floor. Check all fluids to make sure levels are full and that there are no leaks that could potentially damage your garage floor. Clean up floors of dust and debris and consider applying a high-quality epoxy floor coating for additional protection.

Clothing and Fabrics

Clothing, linens, blankets, and sleeping bags are best stored inside your house, but if the garage is the only option, there are ways to store them to prevent damage. Keep fabric items in vacuum-sealed bags or covered plastic storage bins to keep them airtight. It’s best to store these items up and off the floor on wire shelving, cabinets, and overhead storage systems. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage as they can attract pests and won’t protect your fabrics from moisture and odors.

Lawn and Garden Equipment

Lawn and garden equipment is best stored off the ground and secured. After a few hours of yard work, it’s tempting to toss tools and equipment in the nearest corner. But these items should be safely secured off the floor and out of the way. Tools like rakes and shovels should be hung up on a wall with hooks or special racks. Power equipment like weed whackers, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers should have any cords neatly coiled and stored up off the floor on shelves, hanging racks, or tool closets.

Organization is Key

To safeguard stored items from the extreme summer temperature, you need to clean up, de-clutter and store as many things off the floor of your garage as possible. By using a variety of storage options, you are not only protecting your items, but your garage surfaces, too. Applying a protective epoxy coating to your garage floor adds an extra layer of protection – and it looks great, too!

As custom garage specialists, we know how important it is to create storage options that work for your life. Contact us to see how we can create custom storage solutions and protective flooring options that help protect your garage space and the items stored in it.


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