Understanding the Complexities of Acid Stained Concrete Flooring

Acid stains are a combination of water, mineral salts, and acid. When applied to the concrete a chemical reaction occurs once the acid stain reaches the calcium already present in the concrete. This type of staining and coloring often results in a marbled look with varying shades of color throughout the concrete depending on the level of ingredients in the concrete mixture.

Although these can make nice looking floors depending on preference, they are often inconsistent, hard to predict the outcome, and don’t always match the desired color chosen.

Benefits of Concrete Acetone Dye / Stain floors

A breakdown of the specific advantages of Acetone Dye/ Stain flooring might include:

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Our acetone dye flooring delivers consistent, reliable coloring.

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Versatile Color

Our acetone dye floors offer a spectrum of color possibilities.

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With our process, your floors are fortified for the long haul

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Tailored Consultations

Complimentary assessment of your space and discuss your vision.


Color Options

How We Do It

Breakdown of Our Process

Our process consists of grinding the floor so we can get it back to a nice clean surface while opening up the pores of the concrete. This is critical so that the dye can be absorbed and the sealer coat will properly bond. Please keep in mind not all concrete is a good candidate for an acetone dye floor based on the condition and age of the concrete. Once the floor is ground, cleaned, and vacuumed, we then apply the dye along with two coats of urethane to seal everything in and protect the floor.

Industries We Work With

Providing Excellence and Quality Craftmanship In These Industires

Please contact us for a free consultation if this type of flooring is something you desire. They are very popular in many restaurants and breweries offering that rustic, vintage, distressed appearance. We will be happy to come out and determine if this is a good option for your project along with providing many different color options.

When utilizing concrete acetone dye staining correctly you can turn the concrete into a rustic, vintage look that enhances the ambiance and appeal of your establishment.

  • ⁤Create a tailored designed atmosphere that improves the charm and character of the customer's dining experience. ⁤

  • Protected floors that stand up to high traffic, and spills, making them ideal for your busy restaurant environments.

  • Achieve a uniform look that matches your desired aesthetic and enhances the overall appeal of your space.


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Benefit from the consistent and vibrant colors of acetone dye staining, providing an attractive and polished appearance for customers.

  • Provide a polished and professional look that draws customers into the store.
  • Ensure the floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and wear, maintaining their beauty over time.
  • Achieve reliable and uniform coloring that enhances the store's aesthetic and brand image of your business. 


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Choose concrete acetone dye staining for its professional, stylish look and low maintenance, creating a welcoming and modern work environment.

  • Create a stylish and modern office environment that impresses clients and employees alike.
  • Benefit from easy-to-clean floors that reduce upkeep and maintain a pristine appearance.
  • Ensure your office floors withstand daily wear and tear, maintaining their look and functionality over time.


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Developers & homeowners opt for acetone dye staining to achieve durable, aesthetically pleasing floors that complement their interior design.

  • Achieve beautiful, custom floors that enhance the overall design of your home.
  • Enjoy low-maintenance flooring that simplifies household upkeep.
  • Benefit from long-lasting floors that can withstand daily residential use and maintain their appearance.


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Protect Your Investment

Your Ultimate Shield Against Wear and Tear, Easy to Clean, Durable, and Long-Lasting

We prefer to offer acetone dye floors which are acetone based with pigment particles in the applied mixture. Once applied the dyes are absorbed into the pores of the concrete resulting in much more consistent coloring throughout the floor. Acetone dyes can be both pale and bold in color depending on how much the applied solution is diluted. Because of this we prefer acetone dye providing a much more consistent predictable floor based on the color choice of the customer.

Our Work

Choosing a Flooring Material from Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas

There are some other ways in which one flooring might be better than another; there’s no one-size-fits-all floor coating. We provide only the highest-quality concrete floor coating products, and our installation services deliver both efficiency and quality. Please feel free to look through our work, and determine if Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas offers the flooring solutions you need.


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Premium Quality Products

We offer you only the best products on the market, and guide you to make the most prudent decision. Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas more than fits that bill, and we are pleased to offer our expertise in a wide range of concrete floor coverings—including epoxy.

Why Choose Concrete Coatings For Your Acetone Dye and Staining Flooring?

High Quality Flooring
Our high quality flooring, promises durability, style, and innovation to transform your space.

Industry-leading Products
With our range of industry-leading flooring products, we set the standards for quality and performance in every application.

Experienced Team
Rely on our seasoned team of experts, bringing years of industry experience and dedication to every project.