Commercial Concrete Sealers in Charlotte, NC

Choosing to seal your concrete can be an overwhelming decision with the seemingly endless number of sealers on the market today. Just like applying any concrete sealer or coating be sure and ask questions. There are water based sealers, solvent based sealers, acrylic sealers, roll on, spray on, etc. We have several options to choose from at Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas. Please allow us the opportunity to first look at your project so that we can help make the process easier and find what works best for you and within your budget.

The first question to ask is:

“what are you using the space for?”


Foot Traffic

Our concrete sealer enhances durability and slip resistance, making it ideal for spaces with heavy foot traffic such as walkways, retail areas, and public venues.


Parking Cars

Ensure long-lasting protection for areas where cars are parked. Our sealer guards against oil stains, tire marks, and weather damage, keeping concrete surfaces pristine.

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Warehouse Forklifts

Withstand the weight and movement of heavy machinery. Get a tough, resilient surface for warehouses and industrial spaces with forklift traffic.

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Beverage Processing

In areas prone to liquid spills, our concrete sealer creates a robust barrier, preventing damage to your floors and ensuring an easy cleanup process.

Custom Solutions

Concrete Sealers Tailored to Your Needs

Whether it's enhancing traction for safety, resisting chemicals for hygiene, or delivering a pristine finish for aesthetics, our customizable solutions are crafted to exceed your expectations. Experience unmatched performance and tailored solutions that prioritize your requirements, ensuring satisfaction and peace of mind for every project.

Shopping malls, retail stores, and office buildings utilize concrete sealers to enhance the appearance and durability of floors, ensuring they can withstand high foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

  • Concrete sealers enhance the durability of floors, making them resilient to heavy foot traffic.
  • Sealers provide a polished, attractive finish that improves the overall aesthetic of commercial spaces.
  • Sealed floors resist stains and spills, ensuring a cleaner and more professional look.


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Concrete sealers offer comprehensive benefits for parking lots, ensuring longevity, safety, and visual appeal. By providing protection against contaminants and enhancing traction, they contribute to the durability and safety of parking lot surfaces, while also improving their appearance for a more welcoming and professional environment.

  • Concrete sealers extend the lifespan of parking lot surfaces by providing protection against oil, water, and other contaminants, reducing the need for frequent repairs.
  • Concrete sealers improve traction on parking lot surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially during inclement weather.
  • Sealers provide a clean and uniform finish to parking lots, enhancing their overall aesthetics and curb appeal.


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Factories and warehouses require durable and resilient concrete floors that can withstand heavy machinery, forklifts, and high traffic, making concrete sealers a critical investment.

  • Concrete sealers strengthen floors to withstand the weight and movement of heavy machinery and forklifts.
  • Sealed concrete surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, minimizing downtime in busy industrial environments.
  • Sealers provide a barrier against spills and chemical exposure, protecting the integrity of the concrete.


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Concrete sealers are essential in new construction projects and property development to protect and enhance the longevity of concrete surfaces in both residential and commercial buildings.

  • Concrete sealers protect surfaces from wear and tear, extending the lifespan of floors and structures.

  • Sealers provide a smooth, glossy finish that enhances the appearance and curb appeal of concrete surfaces.

  • Sealers shield concrete from rain, UV rays, and freeze-thaw cycles, preventing cracks and damage.


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Industries We Work With

Enhancing Durability, Safety, and Aesthetics Across Industries

Offering unparalleled benefits for a wide range of industries. Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas can increase the lifespan of surfaces, enhance safety with improved traction, and elevate the aesthetics of your concrete floors with a clean and uniform finish. Our sealers provide comprehensive protection and enhancement for various applications. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

Fortify Your Surfaces

The Unmatched Durability of Concrete Sealers

Our concrete sealers are engineered for long-lasting durability and longevity. We provide an impenetrable shield against wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your surfaces and protecting them from the elements. From high-traffic areas to industrial settings, trust in the enduring strength of our Carolina Concrete Coatings to safeguard your investments for years to come.

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Our Work

Choosing a Flooring Material from Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas

There are some other ways in which one flooring might be better than another; there’s no one-size-fits-all floor coating. We provide only the highest-quality concrete floor coating products, and our installation services deliver both efficiency and quality. Please feel free to look through our work, and determine if Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas offers the flooring solutions you need.


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Premium Quality Products

We offer you only the best products on the market, and guide you to make the most prudent decision. Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas more than fits that bill, and we are pleased to offer our expertise in a wide range of concrete floor coverings—including epoxy.

Why Choose Concrete Coatings?

High Quality Flooring
Our high quality flooring, promises durability, style, and innovation to transform your space.

Industry-leading Products
With our range of industry-leading flooring products, we set the standards for quality and performance in every application.

Experienced Team
Rely on our seasoned team of experts, bringing years of industry experience and dedication to every project.