When it comes time to choose a concrete floor covering, polyurethane is one of the top contenders. It has long been a standard-setting flooring choice in countless industries, ranging from food and beverage to general industrial to auto storage.

Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas’ floor coating services add the final touch to a successful concrete flooring installation. We’d love to talk with you about your flooring needs and help you determine whether this material is the best fit.


The Benefits of Polyurethane

The benefits of polyurethane floor coverings are significant, whether it is practical or cosmetic. These include:

Polyurethane is more flexible than epoxy, which absorbs impact a bit better

Resistant to chemicals, and especially robust against solvents, including paint removers

UV Stable, this means that while epoxy gradually turns yellow, polyurethane usually does not

Polyurethane surfaces can tolerate temperature swings and fluctuations in humidity

More resilient against scratching and other abrasions


Choosing a Flooring Material from Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas

There are some other ways in which one flooring might be better than another; there’s no one-size-fits-all floor coating. We provide only the highest-quality concrete floor coating products, and our installation services deliver both efficiency and quality. Please feel free to look through our work, and determine if Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas offers the flooring solutions you need.


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Considering Polyurethane Floor Coverings


In a nutshell, polyurethane is a floor covering material that has long proven to be effective in safeguarding your floors from spills, chemicals, oil, and general wear and tear. It is light reflective, easy to keep clean, and durable. A polyurethane floor covering is going to last for a good long while with minimal maintenance needs.

Polyurethane is a thermosetting polymer—and in that sense, it’s not unlike epoxy. Considered to be a true high-performance coating, it’s sometimes abbreviated to just urethane; note that polyurethane and urethane are actually two different things, and this abbreviation is misleading. It’s important to be clear about the material you’re getting for your concrete floor!

We encourage you to learn more about the polyurethane flooring solutions we can provide. Contact Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas to learn more.




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