Not all concrete floor coverings are created equal. There are different materials to provide your concrete floor with a durable and attractive surface, and the right material for one environment may not be the best for another. That’s what makes it imperative to select a floor covering provider that will offer you only the best products on the market, and guide you to make the most prudent decision. Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas more than fits that bill, and we are pleased to offer our expertise in a wide range of concrete floor coverings—including epoxy.

Epoxy floor coverings are popular across many different industries, and provide benefits that can’t be ignored. To find out whether epoxy is the best flooring material for your business or hobby, we invite you to review the information on this page, or call us directly to schedule a consultation.


The Benefits of Epoxy

The bottom line is that choosing an epoxy floor covering provides you an easy-to-clean seamless surface that’s also attractive and durable. A more detailed list of epoxy benefits includes each of the following:

Epoxy surfaces are extremely easy to clean. This makes it a very popular choice for medical and food/beverage applications.

Epoxy floor coverings are even resistant to chemicals, which is what makes epoxy such an invaluable flooring material in industrial applications.

They can provide a high-gloss shine, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles. You can always ask a representative to see some options.

Increase brightness.

Resistance to fire and heat.

Epoxy decreases slips, so when you choose epoxy floor coverings, you create a safe work environment for your employees that withstands impact. Epoxy floor coverings are an excellent way to designate different sections of your work area; for instance, you can choose different colors to denote forklift areas, walkways, and more. Epoxy floor coverings install easily, too, with minimal downtime for your daily operations—especially when you choose the seasoned installers at Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas!

Choosing a Flooring Material from Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas

There are some other ways in which one flooring might be better, than another; there’s no one-size-fits-all floor coating. We provide only the highest-quality concrete floor coating products, and our installation services deliver both efficiency and quality. Please feel free to look through our work, and determine if Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas offers the flooring solutions you need.


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Considering Epoxy Floor Coverings



Epoxy floor covering products are designed for both commercial and industrial applications; they are hard and durable surfaces that help to safeguard the concrete beneath. In addition to providing a level of protection for your concrete flooring, these high-performance floor coverings also lend an attractive sheen.

Epoxy is a widely-used floor covering across many industries; in fact, the list of verticals in which epoxy is standard is limitless. Some examples include manufacturing, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, commercial facilities, and beyond. Again, there are many different concrete floor coverings to choose from. Epoxy is the best fit for many businesses. To determine whether it is the best fit for your business, we recommend contacting us for a consultation.




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