What’s old is new, right? Not when it comes to concrete flooring. Over time the floors in your manufacturing facility or warehouse can start to look dull and faded. And, if your floors have never been treated, they can chip and become aesthetically unpleasing to the eye. They're also hard to clean and maintain. You might see displacement where the floor has cracked, shifted or collected water or spilled chemicals making it unsafe for workers. Because you don’t want an unsafe or unsightly work area, it might be time to update the coatings to your concrete floors.

Here are a few polished concrete solutions to explore.

Why Cover Your Existing Flooring?

Have you thought about a slip-resistant floor in your warehouse? Or, are you interested in creating an entryway that’s inviting to guests? Maybe you're not ready to invest in new flooring because you have budget constraints. Aside from budget, what are your other concerns? Are you looking for floors that match your brand, are easy to clean and durable? What about fast installation so you can get back to work? There are so many points to consider with a new floor coating.

When floors are poured, they start out flat and even. The problem is there’s no coating on them. Hence, they’re hard to keep clean. Drab floors are also difficult to section off if you want to differentiate a workspace from a lobby area. Applying a topical floor coating is a temporary makeover of sorts. It can last for years without you having to redo the entire floor. There are also a lot of color options and flooring techniques that can put the "wow" factor into your spaces.

Select the Best Floor Coating

Maybe you bought your facility but weren't ready to invest the time and money into remodeling your floors. However, unsafe working conditions can make you rethink refinishing your floors. Maybe your floors have stains or cracks. Or, they’re so bland they don’t fit your company’s image. Hence, a cost-effective solution is a floor coating.

Popular floor coating options include:

  • Filling any cracks or joints
  • Polishing the concrete
  • Staining the concrete
  • Using a urethane coating
  • Applying an epoxy coating

Filling Any Cracks or Joints

Filling in cracks is an initial floor preparation step before adding a floor coating. A contractor examines the existing concrete and looks for any spalling, pits or cracks. A filler is used to fix the joints.

Tip: When filling cracks, work with your contractor on color matching if you’re planning on adding a clear coating afterwards. That way the filled cracks aren’t a different color than the rest of your floors.

Applying an Epoxy Coating

An epoxy coating is an exceptional flooring solution. It uses different layers of epoxy that include hardeners and resins. These create a durable surface that’s long-lasting and comes in different styles and colors. The materials are actually stronger than concrete and easy to clean.

Why choose epoxy?

  • The coatings are resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light. The floors won’t fade from sunlight or buckle from rain or moisture.
  • You can create sectioned-off spaces to improve workflows and direct traffic (safe for walking, vehicles only).
  • It’s stain-resistant (oil, grease) and a popular choice for manufacturing and food processing facilities.
  • There's less mold from wet floors and less dust. This can reduce allergies and accidents in your workspace.

Polishing the Concrete

If you’re interested in an attractive, high gloss finish, consider polishing your floors. This is typically used in customer and employee areas like foyers or lobbies. It's one of the cheapest flooring options as it doesn't require coatings or waxes to get the maximum shine. While the floor remains porous, it becomes harder and once polished is slip-resistant. Applications for this technique include wet and dry polishing.

Note: Polishing requires sanding the existing floor first. Talk to your contractor about any time constraints. Ask about a coat of urethane to help strengthen your floor if you use heavy equipment.

Staining the Concrete

If you just want to change your floor color, consider staining with an acrylic stain and acid-base. This is a time-intensive project to first clean the floor and make any repairs beforehand. Application techniques include brushing and spraying. Special marbling techniques are options that can create a high-quality finish. Sealing with urethane can give your floors a showroom-ready gloss.

Using a Urethane Coating

If your floor is untreated or polished, you might want a urethane coating. This option uses a clear coat if you want to keep your existing floor color. This lets you create a scuff- and scratch-resistant surface that’s long-lasting.

Note: Make any repairs beforehand and ask your contractor to color-match when filling in cracks.

Choose a Décor that Matches Your Brand

As a business owner, you want an affordable way to upgrade your workspaces. Standard concrete flooring is functional when you first move in. However, it's not versatile. As you grow and scale, color matching with your business's brand can make your spaces attractive for both customers and employees.

To increase visual appeal and floor your staff and guests, select:

  • Dark colors: If you have a waiting area, the matching floors can enhance the space. Ask your flooring specialist about using microchips in a different color. This can give your floors a terrazzo effect that looks expensive.
  • Light colors: To brighten a space like a waiting area, choose a lighter color. Tan, yellow and beige are receptive colors that can help you create a welcoming space. Select a pastel or light earth tone color as these are the most inviting. Ask for a higher sheen to maximize the brightness.
  • A custom mix: If your logo includes a special design, ask your contractor about applying this. It's possible to add swirls, lines, special patterns or your company's colors to your floor coating.

Create a Showroom Finish on a Budget

A floor coating is a cost-effective way to cover and repair a worn or cracked floor. With different color schemes and styles, you can create designated areas for customers and staff. It's also convenient for directing traffic (blocking off entryways, walkways, vehicle-only paths). For assistance breathing new life into old concrete flooring, let Concrete Coatings help.

Concrete Coatings of the Carolinas specializes in custom floor coverings tailored to suit your business needs. With durable, slip-resistant and easy-to-clean coatings, you can have that floor makeover on a budget. Industries we cover include Hospital/Medical, Manufacturing, Food/Beverage, Airline/Travel, Warehouse/Storage, Museums, and Vehicle Storage/Racing sectors. With decades of experience, we back our industry-leading flooring products with excellent workmanship and attention to detail. Learn more about our flooring solutions.

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